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A letter to time.

I’m a little behind on the letters! But still writing when I can!

Mar 22 (Sunday)– to your younger self (you can go back to any time you like)

Mar 23 (Monday)- to your older self (you to jump to any time you wish to)

Mar 24 (Tuesday)- to your present self 

March 25 (Wednesday)- to Life 

Mar 26 (Thursday)- to Time

Mar 27 (Friday)- to your Dream/Destination

Mar 28 (Saturday)- to someone who’s dear to you.. parents, grandparents, children 

Mar 29 (Sunday)- to an old friend

Mar 30 (Monday)- to a stranger

Mar 31 (Tuesday)- to the month of March

Well this is difficult I don’t know if I want you to stand still, fast forward or take me back a couple of years?!

If I could have hindsight I would totally ask you to take me back. I have realised even though I have had the most difficult time of my life, nothing is impossible! All the changes I have made to my life I would of thought impossible a couple of years ago, but it just goes to show when you lose inhibition and you find yourself largely fearless you can achieve some amazing things. So with hindsight deffo take me back… without hindsight no thank you.

If I could have you fast forward, I would love you to skip to the part where I’m largely better and hopefully qualified in my chosen career. But I don’t want time to go so fast I forget to live, I forget to enjoy stuff and I forget how it feels when hard work pays off. If I could take all that wealth with me I’d love a fast forward button.

If I could have you stand still without this virus obviously, I am quite strangely the happiest I’ve been for a few years. I’m very loved up with the most amazing understanding woman, I am achieving all the time whether that be a uni place, a distinction, or a new way out of a flashback… I have made new friends and I am closer to my family than I have ever been. If I could have you stand still it would be to preserve all of that because I know just how fast things can change.

People keep telling me time is a healer so… thanks for the help xx


Published by DelilahSpuddy

Well when I first started this blog, I was just using it as an anonymous way to vent. I suffered a horrific year in 2018 starting with witnessing abuse in my work place and ending in an awful assault on me by a so called friend. Now as I start to recover I’m hoping to reach those who unfortunately may find themselves in my situation with nobody to turn to. I managed my PTSD symptoms a good 8 months before I was told I wasn’t going mad and actually there was a name for it. In those 8 months I came up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to ground and help myself. Some of the writing in my blog isn’t nice and contains some triggers so please be aware. It’s just what I need to do at the moment. But if you want to... feel free to have a look ❤️ welcome to the madhouse 😂

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  1. This one’s full of hope. I loved it. Especially these lines, “I don’t want time to go so fast I forget to live, I forget to enjoy stuff and I forget how it feels when hard work pays off.”

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