The Circus (written March 2019)

So this is my first blog post ever.. a member on a Depression Forum suggested it to me, I used to keep diaries as a child and nothing else seems to work so I'll give this a try. So here we go, an insight into the circus that is my mind right now, at this [...]

Biting the bullet.

The past few days I have found myself toying with the idea of giving EMDR another go. My therapist mentioned it, to help me get the bottom of why I keep skipping time. Straight away I said no, however after a chat with my girlfriend about it... I am mulling it over. I had an [...]

Picking fights.

Awake at this ungodly hour unpacking my brain and sorting through the rubble. After some soul searching with my girlfriend and a conversation with my therapist I am trying in the kindest, gentlest way I can muster to give my self a stern talking to. The past few days have been turbulent to say the [...]

Lessons learnt.

Well that’s it! Finished my course and actually achieved something this time! I don’t think I’ve ever academically achieved anything in my life! Usually by this stage I’ve not got the grades or I’ve given up half way through, I was far too busy playing the class clown at school . Usually I have some [...]

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